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The Engaged Intern

There are things that you never think will actually happen to you. Like falling on your face at the gym while running on the treadmill. Or being at the store and swiping your debit card only to have it say it was declined, and then you have make eye contact with the cashier who you just made feel very uncomfortable. (Those have both happened to me so I guess I'm not completely set up for success). And last but not least, and the most horrific, becoming a bridezilla.





  1. a woman whose behavior in planning her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding

We've all seen bridezillas on movies and TV shows, I would laugh and think how about how petty they were acting. Then there I was crying because my gold foil clipping mask on my Save the Dates was not positioned right so Lord forbid I spend 2 mins to go back and fix it. I'm hoping to just chalk up my anxiety to stress or something but I'm getting concerned.

Just so we're all clear - I would never go bridezilla on others who are offering their help or participation in our wedding - just myself. This isn't the point of today's blog post; it's just a formality so you have been warned! If you see me in the corner crying with a bag of Hot Cheetos keep a safe 12 ft. distance.

Onto logistics! This past week has been mostly budgeting and figuring out what money will go where. Those Save the Dates I spoke of earlier...yeah we were supposed to originally send out digital ones to save some mula because no one keeps them anyways. Now the Save the Dates have turned into a physical copy with gold-foil printing on double-thick cream texture paper...SHUT IT DOWN AARIKA.

I'm not sure if Jeremy knows about my printing intentions yet...hopefully GariAnn gives me a quick reality check, aka a statement of my bank account. The part I am most looking forward to are decorations. Here is an idea of what I am hoping to recreate for the big day:

Or something like it. Our colors are neutrals with pops of metallics, navy and a marsala(ish) red. So I guess something more like this:

Not so much berries though...I would just eat them all.

Not so much berries though...I would just eat them all.

Also...can we also talk about how expensive flowers are?! Of course I happen to love the out of season flowers that have too many digits in front of the decimal and will die probably a day later along with my soul.

But one flower I am convinced I need in my bouquet and in some of the centerpieces are proteas. They are soooo neat! Also, Jeremy and I taking our honeymoon next fall to South Africa (we are currently in the planning process) so I thought it would be neat to incorporate South Africa's National Flower. See that giant white flower in the bouquet down below? That is a protea in all its glory. I think Jeremy will like them too!

Okay so now that I have super-high expectations for decoration (thanks, Pinterest), we need to figure out our catering options still. We have been slacking on this so bad! Mostly because we are still going back and forth on a budget for this, but I don't think our guests will care too much about what we have...so honestly we are thinking are just thinking pizzas or Mexican food, something that will be in the favor of most. I personally wanted Thai food but Jeremy reminded me it wasn't all about me and we had to think of our guests (booo)...just kidding! We probably won't even have a chance to eat so I want our guests happy and full! Being hangry is the worst. So if anyone knows of some catering options in Yakima that are along this route, let me know!

Typically, I would try to be wonder woman and get this all done myself while working full time and taking classes, but I admit defeat. I love having Jeremy's help, but he is busy also I don't want to add an unnecessary stressor to his day! This is why I am so thankful for friends and family who are willing to help us with this process, and of course having a wedding planner guiding our moves and finances is like a glass of wine on a Monday - necessary.

If you're a soon-to-be bride or know of one, send her our way and let us help! :)

Until next time!

- a.k.a The Soon to Be Mrs.

Born in Oceanside, Ca, raised in the Yakima Valley, but then returned to Southern California where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from California Baptist University. I love anything adventurous, especially travel and hiking, I also have a ridiculous sweet-tooth and am a crazy dog lady. I LOVE dogs. Also I am currently the Assistant Tasting Room manager at Milbrandt Vineyards and am so excited to be interning as the Social Media Manager at Tin Sparrow Events! Follow my story on Instagram.


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