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With our wedding just over 100 days away, it is time to buckle down! It has been a slow process, but I've decided I'm not going to stress about because as long as I marry this man of mine and there's food for our guests to ward off any hangry that may be lurking; it's all good. 

Since we've chatted last Jeremy and I got the opportunity to take engagement pictures with the lovely Misty C. Photography! This lady is the bees knees and we (meaning I...Jeremy doesn't love cameras) were so excited to be taking pictures with her! When the day came for our engagement pictures, I have to say we weren't quite prepared. It had been a hectic day for me and once we were in Yakima I realized that I forgot almost all my things and my purse...meaning last minute shopping, for both of us! I highly recommend you NOT try this at home....it's very risky. We shopped through a couple stores trying to find what to wear for these pictures since I forgot everything....and we ended up with less than great outfits, but what are you gonna do. During this mission I also started to feel very sick. This did not surprise me because two of my family members had just had the stomach flu something vicious. But you know me, good ole risk-taker over here, I decided to chance it and continue on to take our pictures. (Yeah I was feeling real spicy that day).

We met up with Misty and started our way to our destination of Boulder Caves. Previously we had planned on taking them at the Naches Peak Loop trail, but recent trail reports said that there was still snow and a lot of mud and ickiness...so we decided to scratch that one. I had been to Boulder Caves a few times when I was younger and it's not really a "hike" but I thought it would be a fun place to go. It was overcast and FREEZING when we got there. I'm not sure why I expected good weather that day. Anyways, despite the cold, we had a blast!! Misty made us really comfortable and taught us the nose game! (Jeremy wants me to disclaim that he won every time -  *that's still up for debate*). She was wonderful, I'm glad we get to keep her until October! ;) Without further adieu, here is some of Misty's camera wizardry! 


These are just a few of the snaps Misty took at Boulder Caves; for the whole shebang head on over to her blog and check them out! http://mistycphotography.com/boulder-cave-engagement-session-jeremy-and-aarika/ 

I also highly suggest that you explore her page...her branding is to die for and so is her spunk! We enjoyed the whole process and it is typically one we would dread. So hats off to you, Misty! 

Other parts of getting this wedding together have been going quite slow. There are not enough hours in the day I tell ya! Right now we are focusing on our actual wedding invitations. I really want to design them myself, since it is something I rather enjoy, but I'm not sure that is the smartest move ever because I know I will change my mind a million times and then end up with nothing. Or maybe I should make a couple and then let Jeremy choose which one he likes best? I like that idea! Sorry, now I'm talking/typing to myself. We have also been in contact with a few different caterers trying to figure out which suits our needs best for the day. 

Thanks to Jeremy's sister, Rachel, we have our cake-maker/decorator in the house! Next weekend we will be meeting with her to try some different flavor options for our cake and some cupcakes! Now THIS is where I get real excited - desserts. We don't want a huge cake, just enough for us to cut and keep. Cupcakes give us more of a flexibility on flavors for our guests; and they're easier to eat on the dance floor ;)

Next I will be focusing on the decor, bridal party attire, and flowers! Going into this I figured this would be the fun part. However, I am finding that there are so many little details and pretty things that I want that my budget says "no you cannot want". No matter what I know it will turn out great, but there are so many options for decoration that I don't know which route to take! I should just decorate the place with squeaky toys and have everyone bring their dogs/puppies...now THAT'S a party! 

Until next time, xo!

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