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The Engaged Intern

I had no idea how much goes into a wedding. I'm considering filling a Camelbak with coffee for the rest of these days. Speaking of coffee, hope all of you moms had a Happy and wonderful Mother's Day because you are the bees knees and don't you fo-get it!

Kuddos to GariAnn for helping me along this process! If you are getting married in the near future, I highly suggest her services! These past two weeks have been great though, we have been getting things locked down. Or so I think? I'm pretty sure! 

Okay, so remember how on the last post I said I would probably change my mind on my date? Well I totally did, it is now October 22nd (yes of this year) once and for all! We figured it was best to get married before it the weather got too cold and unpredictable, but long enough after harvest and the infinite swarms of fruit flies and mosquitoes (mosquitoes should not have made it onto the Ark; I will take a human-eating spider over a mosquito any day of the week). 

For venue, we figured we would get married at the church I grew up in and he was a part of as well, but because my family is quite large, we did not have much of an option for a reception venue. Although that would have been ideal, it was not going to work out quite like planned. Searching for venues wasn't too bad, because I actually only went and looked at one and loved it! So we will be getting married at Fontaine Estates in Naches. I know I should have looked at more before I made a decision but nah, it was great. 

Since our wedding is relatively soon in wedding-land time, we had my dear cousin Kara take some pictures of us at the Alexandria Nicole Estate for engagement announcements and/or Save the Dates, etc. Here is two of them :) 

Next came the wedding dress hunt. I made an appointment with Amy's Bridal on Saturday April 30th and a couple of my bridesmaids and my maid of honor accompanied me to my appointment. To my pleasant surprise my friend Ashley (who was unable to make it) left us with some sparkling rose and chocolates (two of my main food groups) for breakfast, she's the sweetest! For my dress fitting, Rachel helped me along with my appointment; she was very nice and had to put up with me (so cheers to you Rachel!). For the most part I liked all the dresses I tried on, but there was one that stood out more than the rest. (Spoiler alert: it's the one I picked!).  I thought it was perfect! It was flattering, comfortable and pretty. It was fun! Which is saying a lot because I never try on anything at stores, I'm risky like that. Thank you to everyone at Amy's Bridal for a great experience! 

After my dress fitting my besties and sister got me organized with the little things and my friend Molly made me a snazzy binder to help ease the organizational pain a bit. Bless her heart!

Venue - check. Dress - check. Now we also have a photographer! Misty C. Photography will be our photographer for the big day. I met with her last week and she is the sweetest and a great photographer. She will also be doing some engagement photos for us at Mt. Rainier!  Jeremy and I are super excited about this because it's practically our second home in the summer. She is trooper for agreeing to do these but I think she will enjoy it as well! 

So now comes little things like colors, decor, food, seating, invitations, etc. etc. It is a big relief to get the time-sensitive things out of the way, but so far it has been really fun doing this all with Jeremy! He has more of an input than I thought he would but I'm glad because that means he's excited too :) Plus both our families and friends have been so helpful! (P.S. if you have any registry suggestions please send them our way! We can't seem to agree on salt and pepper grinder mills). 

-aka. The Soon to Be Mrs.

Born in Oceanside, Ca, raised in the Yakima Valley, but then returned to Southern California where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from California Baptist University. I love anything adventurous, especially travel and hiking, I also have a ridiculous sweet-tooth and am a crazy dog lady. I LOVE dogs. Also I am currently the Assistant Tasting Room manager at Milbrandt Vineyards and am so excited to be interning as the Social Media Manager at Tin Sparrow Events! Follow my story on Instagram.

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