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The Engaged Intern!

Getting engaged is both a very fun and frightening moment. My fiance, Jeremy,  and I got engaged on April 5th of this year. After the shock of actually being engaged left (I'm not sure why I was actually shocked, I knew it was coming!) I realized that we now had to plan a wedding which neither of us knew anything about because, well, we've never done this before. 

By the way I should probably introduce myself... My name is Aarika, I just turned 25 years old and I am the PR/Social Media intern here at Tin Sparrow Events. I LOVE dogs (more specifically giant ones) and food. I met Jeremy in 2013 when we were both counselors at a church camp in Clear Lake, WA.

The proposal was pretty comical and ironic. Long story short, he proposed while we were hiking and I was Miss Grumpy Gills. Not because he was proposing, but because minutes before I was mad at him for not having proposed yet. Then he pops out this gorgeous rose gold (1 carat and some change) ring that dreams are made on!! I felt like a jerk, but it was all good cause we was gettin married! 

It seemed that almost minutes after our engagement announcement, we started getting the "when's the date?!" questions. We had no idea what our date was yet and I mean come on people I haven't even got all my dry shampoo out of my hair yet from the week before. Besides, all I could think about at that moment was "don't lose your ring, don't lose your ring" and "I wonder how long the taco trucks are open tonight?". Luckily after a lot of talking and input from me, Jeremy (bless his heart) agreed to the date of November 5th of this year (I'm ready to get this party started). Of course like any woman, I may change my mind about that date in the near future. 

Anyways, once we chose a date, we realized how much goes into making this event happen. After looking at multiple wedding checklists on Pinterest, I started to get overwhelmed and the thought of eloping was sounding pretty good. Good thing I am interning for GariAnn here at Tin Sparrow, or I would lose my noggin. 

The next step was budget, budget, budget. Ummm...I spend most of my money on tacos and dog toys so this was going to be a challenge. My fiance is a saver, I am not. I have the mindset that money will appear when you need it, and my fiance enjoys bringing me back to earth on this topic when I need it. The budget is still to be decided, but let's just say there will be a lot of DIY's involved in this bad boy. (Not from me but I have a crafty friend or two.)

Since we are going to get married later this year, I thought I might as well start getting things that were time sensitive figured out regardless of what date and budget we choose; cause either way it's soon! So things like venue, photographer,  my dress, invitations, etc., are things that need to be done asap (or so outside sources tell me) and knowing my procrastinating self unless I took action it wouldn't happen, so I made appointments with potential venues and with Amy's Bridal and Fashion Corner to make sure these things get done. I'm still on the hunt for a photographer and dresses for my lovely bridesmaids, so that's next. Thank goodness my dear cousin Kara agreed to take some "Save the Date" pictures for us...but I have a feeling she's not going to let me bring my dog.

As of now this is where we are at with our pre-nuptial planning. Every other week I will be posting a blog entry taking you all through this journey that is our wedding planning. I promise pictures in the future since they're much better to look at. Also, I will gladly take suggestions, tips and if you have any question about your own wedding planning process  I will get answers for both of us on all this good stuff! 

-aka. The Soon to Be Mrs.

Born in Oceanside, Ca, raised in the Yakima Valley, but then returned to Southern California where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from California Baptist University. I love anything adventurous, especially travel and hiking, I also have a ridiculous sweet-tooth and am a crazy dog lady. I LOVE dogs. Also I am currently the Assistant Tasting Room manager at Milbrandt Vineyards and am so excited to be interning as the Social Media Manager at Tin Sparrow Events! Follow my story on Instagram.

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