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We work with a wide array of Confectioneries and Candy Distributors to have the highest quality of items for you and your guests to enjoy. We have included below answers to some FAQ that we receive regarding our Candy Buffets and if you keep on scrolling you will also find our Pre Consultation Questionnaire.


What Services do the Packages Include?

Our Services Include... 

Variety of Unique Jars

Candy Ordering & Assistance in Making Candy Selections Based on Set Budget

Design of the Candy Buffet

Décor for the Candy Buffet

Linens for the table (size specific)

Candy scoops and tongs

Candy bag or Take Out boxes

Theme Accessories (fabric, candles, floral)

Delivery and set up of buffet (2hr)

Clean-up, removal & packaging of remaining candy! (1hr)

1 Attendant to maintain the Buffet

And much more...

What are Your Package Options?

Option 1: Budget Candy Station - You set the budget and we order candy within your budget or we estimate the cost of 2oz of candy bliss per guest . Perfect for the cake/cupcake table for an elevated presentation for your guests. (100 guests = 20lbs of candy)

Option 2: Candy Buffet Amazing - You set the budget or we estimate the cost of 4oz of candy perfection per guest. This is a great option to take your cake/cupcake table to the next level of opulence or this is a buffet that is strong enough to stand on it's own table. (100 guests = 40lbs of candy)

Option 3: Exclusively Sweet Candy Buffet - You set the budget or we estimate the cost of 8oz of candy awesomeness per guest. This is an amazing option to take the place of your cake/cupcake needs and we take this display to a whole new level Candy Land Style!! Think of your guests feeling like they are living in their 5 year old past self's dream... Caution may result in Diabetes but in an amazing sugar overloaded sort of way!! (100 guest = 80lbs of candy)

How Old is the Candy?

Crazy question right... You are actually wondering if people really ask us this question, well 9 times out of 10 it is the first question that we get when we meet for our consultations. So put your mind at ease because we order all of our candy for the event exclusively and specifically for you! This insures the freshest candy possible and it saves our waistlines along with money on storage fees!

How Do We Choose a Budget?

Good Question and we recommend looking at this as a portion of the percentage that you have set aside for your Confections (ie. Cake/Cupcakes), your Catering or Estimate 3-5% of your overall Event Budget. We work along side with you to choose your candies that will not only work with your budget, but will make your buffet perfect.

We Just Don't Have Time to Decide on All the Details. Will You Just Do It All For Us?

Are you kidding we literally live in a permanent Candy Land dream world and if a Client should want to skip the hands on selection process and just wants to let us use our creative vision to take care of the sweets selection while staying within your budget, we are happy to take care of everything. Once all of our selections are made, a final detailed and itemized list will be presented to you for final approval.

How Much Candy Do We Need?

The real question is... is this the only dessert option that you are going to be offering to your guests? Or is your candy buffet an addition your are utilizing to elevate your cake/cupcake table? We offer a few Options for you to choose from and what you select will help us tailor our pricing to fit within your budget.


TS Candy Buffet Questionnaire

Contact Information
Name *
Phone *
Event Details
Event Date *
Event Date
Event Venue *
Event Venue
Above we have mapped out our top 3 Options for you to choose from!
Event Specifications
Please include a description of how you envision this Style/Theme being included on your Candy Buffet.
Please also include information on the Decor that you envision on your Candy Buffet.
Please include description of the color scheme that you would like represented in your Candy Buffet.
Candy Selection
Candy Selection...
Simply check the box next to the candy that you are interested in having us include on your Candy Buffet table! Also please keep in mind that this is only a small portion of what we have available... we just thought including the whole 3,000+ list would be just to crazy!!
Not Candy But Still a Buffet Favorite...
Simply check the box next to the option that you are interested in having us include on your Candy Buffet table!
Still Not Candy But to Delicious Not to Include...
Now this is the really really really fun part!!

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