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Caitlyn + Alex | Tagaris Winery

Bringing on GariAnn as our wedding planner for our September 10th, 2016 winery wedding was hands-down the best decision we made throughout the entire wedding planning process. Trying to plan a Tri Cities wedding while over in Seattle, both working full time jobs, just wasn't happening. We had no idea where to even start, until we decided to hire GariAnn (Tin Sparrow Events). She opened our eyes to so many factors that we hadn't even thought of - killer wedding guest party favors, hiring a kick-ass band, pairing down our menu appropriately, a cigar bar, and so much more. Even just the little things that we wouldn't have even thought of, she already had covered in our monthly FaceTime chats. She is so organized, so professional and such a pleasure to be around. Not only was the planning process with her easy as cake, but the actual wedding day went off without a hitch - all thanks to her. I heard all night (and still getting feedback!) from my wedding guests that GariAnn was "the shit", "amazing", "you couldn't have done this without her", haha! My bridal party was so impressed with her and that she kept our rowdy bunch on schedule the entire time, without being too stern. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, and we are so glad that GariAnn got to be (a huge) part of it. We're a bit sad that the party has come and gone, but only because we enjoyed our time with GariAnn so much. We definitely plan to stay in touch with her and visit every time we're in town. She's not only our wedding planner, but we developed an awesome friendship out of this entire process. My one advice to any Apple Bride - HIRE GARIANN. She's pure magic.    - Caitlyn & Alex

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